• Cavaliers: Holding the Line… and Always in Jeopardy

    Cavaliers hold the line. They are the knights of honor, the great protectors of the weak, and those most likely to sacrifice themselves, putting themselves between evil, and those in danger, and there’s a place for that, but it seems to me like the Cavalier has always been the fighter trying to kill themselves in the name of protecting others, rather than the fighter there to smack evil down and stomp it out.  I feel…Continue Reading

  • Is the Rogue Inquisitive?

    I love the archetypes or subclasses or whatever these are called exactly, brought on by choice upon reaching 3rd level, but I’m not so sure that they shouldn’t be something that is available over a much wider selection of classes. I mean, why not have a selection of profession-based skills and things that could make for some really interesting characters down the line? Before I found out about the Rogue Inquisitive, I was considering the…Continue Reading

  • The Horizon Walker Could be the Dark Knight of D&D

    The Horizon Walker version of the Ranger, I think, might be the closest thing to playing a Batman style character inside of Dungeons & Dragons. They are always tracking a nearby portal that’s been opened, looking for danger and the creatures coming into the world, which could be construed as kind of a rogues gallery of different colorful villains. They use planar travel and mist walk, popping around, and blink later as they fight around,…Continue Reading

  • Thoughts on Evolution and Dungeons & Dragons

    Dungeons and Dragons has gone through so many changes over the years, that I think it’s hard to count, but one of the things that I like to take note of over the last thirty plus years has been what stuck and what didn’t. Gone are the days of the Hero and Superhero, and now everyone has Barbarians and Fighters. There were the Cleric healers, who eventually spawned the Druid, who I never thought would…Continue Reading

  • It’s Okay to be a Gamer

    We have been in the basement (in our minds) a long time as gamers, we’ve spent a lot of time ontrisized at the nerd table, or getting together after school, or on Thursday nights in the basement of a friend’s house with a bag of Funions and a 2-liter of Coca-Cola wondering what the place smelled like until you found out it was an overflowing cat box somewhere, maybe eventually graduating to taking over the…Continue Reading

  • Baby Steps to a Great Spell Caster

    Starting any magic-using character can be daunting. When you are looking through alphabetical lists of spells that take up half the Player’s Handbook and cross-referencing them with level-by-level lists of spells belong to your class, then narrowing it down further to the ones you can actually cast, and of those which ones you have prepared and how many times you can cast those before what is it, a long rest or a short rest or…Continue Reading

  • Play Them Your Way

    Just because you’re a rogue, doesn’t mean you pick pockets. Those are words to play by. There are an infinite number of ways to play each character class, and when you mix a race with a class, and then start making choices about how to level up, just from a numbers and choices position there are thousands and thousands of combinations, but just because you have a set of skills, tied to numbers, that doesn’t…Continue Reading

  • What Should Your Pantheon be Based On?

    People have this stigma about playing a Paladin, but it’s really unfounded, and I think that once you get past that you can see that they really are an interesting class to take on. Thing is though, you should, like a good Cleric, be influenced by your faith, but what is that really, within the context of a Dungeons & Dragons game? It’s a motivation for adventure. You are being led, sometimes even led to…Continue Reading

  • Everyone Needs a little Cosplay in Their Lives

    I’m not a great cosplayer, I’ll tell you that. I love Dungeon Mastering, creating the game, the adventures, the setting, and seeing how the players can help me rake it to the next level. Cosplayers are interesting to me, because they have the ability to dip in, and become that character for a time, to take the cardboard sword to another level and embody something through cloth, makeup or whatever medium, that I can’t touch,…Continue Reading

  • Are You an Idle Champion?

    A D&D related game, and I’m afraid I’m not that impressed. Though interesting that you get a big bird man as a wizard, I don’t think I’ll give this game much more thought. I’ll come back to it eventually, bu among other things, the game seems to be an exercise in tapping my screen to either level up a character or keep my iPad from just going to sleep all together. I wish I could…Continue Reading

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